Household systems

According to the different uses of domestic water, tap water into the family is divided into domestic and drinking water two categories. Conventional home water purification solution is through the ultrafilter + water machine as the main water-making tools, and then through the direct drink machine, pipeline machines, water softeners and other water purification terminal equipment to obtain water purification, the overall cost of water purification solutions and waste. In view of this situation, Longwei water purification creatively put forward the concept of dual-mode water quality, with a dual water purifier as the main water equipment, water quality through sub-family to meet the needs of domestic water, economical and environmentally friendly.





Double-mode water supply water purification

Longwei (lonwe) RO-189A using dual-mode design, that is, UF membrane + RO membrane design, according to the different needs of water docking different water pipes.
UF membrane filtration: to remove water colloids, suspended solids, bacteria, viruses, macromolecules and other organic matter, filtered water can be used for washing, bathing, washing vegetables, washing fruits, washing clothes and other domestic water;
RO membrane filtration: Remove organic matter, heavy metal ions, bacteria, viruses, heat and other impurities in the water, filtered water is almost pure water, to achieve the purpose of healthy drinking water, can be used for cooking rice, soup, cooking, etc., Machine, direct drink machines and other terminal equipment set up family drinking platform, drink healthy water anytime, anywhere!

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