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The national retail price of 5980 yuan


Five ten-inch filter bottle external, fast installation, do not disassemble the panel.
Hot and cold faucet factory fixed to prevent the second leaking faucet, hot tap with child lock function.
Cold water tank electronic double floating ball, double leakage insurance.
According to customer needs to install electronic ice cream, ice water can hang straight drink machine
All electronic components are in the lower part, set aside a maintenance window, more humane.
Dual computer board control, heating bile anti-dry design, the first system of water, water can not heat the dissatisfaction, peace of mind and peace of mind.
Display panel using in-mold injection molding process, chrome border design, more noble and luxurious.
75-gallon self-priming pump, 75-gallon RO membrane for faster water production.


Product Specifications:

558 × 205 × 416mm

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