1. The new machine does not water:
① check whether there is water, water pressure is normal;
② check the inlet valve is open.

2. With a period of water taps at no water:
① the sewage valve open, whether there is water out, there is little water flow or no water, it is necessary to check the water pressure and PP cotton filter;
② If there is water and the flow rate, we must check the hollow ultrafiltration and carbon after.

3. With a period of water machine water is small:
① check tap water is normal, the pressure is too small;
② PP cotton filter is dirty, beyond the use of time.

4. Water out of the mouth feeling is not ideal or smell:
① Check tap water for abnormal odor, if tap water is too heavy, PP water and activated carbon filter should be replaced frequently, which can play a certain role in improving. If you want to completely solve the problem, Set the filter.
Check PP cotton filter, rear activated carbon filter, KDF + activated carbon filter is too long, beyond the filter life time.

5 interface water seepage:
① Check the water machine parts are themselves removed.
② seepage at the parts are not inserted in place.

6. Water serious odor can be directly drained 30 minutes.

7. The new machine appeared white floating objects:
Is to protect ultrafiltration water agent, food grade, you can safely use the water, with a period of time will disappear, you can also put more water to speed up the decomposition of water agent. Is a normal phenomenon.

8. bad taste problem:
When new customers drink our alkaline water for the first time, there is a process of adaptation. For the first time, some customers feel a bit dry and have a sweet feeling are normal. If there is dryness, use more drainage water for 5-10 minutes for 1 week Can be restored to normal. Pre-sweet feeling, how the latter did not, but also the customer to our water to adapt to the normal situation, when long-term customers to drink anything for a long time will maintain a normal state.


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