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Longwei helped the local government take targeted measures to alleviate poverty

Issuing time:2019-08-01 10:12

In his poverty alleviation work, long wei paid attention to solving the practical difficulties of poor households and effectively improving their living quality. Recently, the agent of longwei water purifier in xingguo county installed a water purifier in the home of zhong huilian, a poor household, free of charge, so that he could drink "healthy water".

Long Wei keep in mind the "health and safety of drinking water on humans to drink" mission and "customer is small Long Wei event" service tenet, on May 4, learned Long Wei Liao Xi village poor Zhong Huilian home not only has no running water, well water is often used is "a little red worms," drinking endangers health for a long time, was the first time get in touch with poor Zhong Huilian, Long Wei agents provide free door-to-door for poor home and installation, water purifiers, in order to solve problems of safe water for a long time. Zhong huilian expressed his heartfelt thanks for this.

In the future development work, long wei will continue to try his best to solve the water problems of the common people, and effectively improve the water problems of the common people with innovative ideas. And in the future continue to bear in mind the mission of "let people drink healthy and safe drinking water", leading the water purification industry to really help people solve drinking water problems.

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