Profit Analysis

Water appliances development history
The status quo of tap water has promoted the birth of domestic water purification equipment. In the early 90s of the 20th century, household water purifiers and water purifiers had already appeared. However, they were limited to various aspects such as water quality and prevailing consumer attitudes, economy and marketing, etc. The factors, household, commercial water treatment equipment has not been rapid development. With the rapid economic development and popularization of bottled water, people's concept of water consumption has undergone tremendous changes. With the deteriorating water quality of tap water, a wide range of market needs have been formed.
huge market
Pure water and other water appliances as a way to make tap water cleaner products seasons, never saturated, has a very vast sales end market. According to the authoritative statistics, there are about 150 million households (3.4 persons / household) with 500 million urban population in the country and 15 million sales terminals with 10% of the demand. In addition, hotels, hotels, schools, Group ... demand can not be calculated. At present, most urban areas in China, pure water appliances such as water appliances is still in the lead-in period, the market potential is huge.

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