Agent process

Policy understanding: through the website or phone with the company investment manager understand the policy;
Apply to negotiate: to the company to apply for the qualifications of agents, after the headquarters reply, to further discuss specific cooperation matters;
Investigation and research: to the headquarters of the field visit, at the same time to do the shop before the preparation, shop selection, capital, market and other related matters;
Headquarters assessment: headquarters based on the information submitted by the applicant to assess their qualifications;
Sign confirmation: After the assessment, the company signed a contract and prepaid the first payment;
Decoration preparation: in accordance with the company's program decoration, personnel recruitment, sending staff to the company for professional training, at the same time planning for the opening;
Logistics and Distribution: to the company for delivery, samples, color pages, marketing materials and related gifts and so on;
Officially opened: the relevant promotions can be carried out at the same time the storefront image information sent to the company, the establishment of tracking service files;
Service feedback: The company will conduct follow-up supervision and supervision, and major affairs will be sent to help handle.

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