Acting principles

Agent qualification requirements
Need to have a strong entrepreneurial desire, identity Longwei corporate culture
A corresponding market channels and management capabilities
Familiar with the local market and have good market development capabilities
Confirm that the corresponding assessment indicators can be completed on schedule
To consciously safeguard the company's image, according to the company VI standard terminal building and marketing
Formation of sales force and service team, can actively develop the distribution network, distribution network management, with the company responsible for the development of peripheral market responsibilities
Agency category
Appliance Dealers, Cabinets Dealers, Solar Dealers, Kitchen Dealers, Water Heaters Dealers, Hotel Supplies Dealers, Building Materials Dealers, Health Products Dealers, Contractors, Individuals with Capacity
Acting the basic principles
Agents must strictly abide by the laws and regulations of the country to engage in sales and marketing management Longwei water purification products;
Agents in the contract period to seriously safeguard the brand image of Longwei, Longwei can not cause any damage to the adverse effects of brand image, you can not sell Longwei brand rights;
Agents in the distribution agent Long Wei brand product line, you can not under the guise of Long Wei brand name or business in the sale of other manufacturers related products.

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