2017 January, by the National Association of Health Industry Management Water Purification Branch, awarded the "Innovation Award"
In April, by the National Association of Health Industry Enterprise Management Branch of the hydrogen medicine health industry, awarded the "vice president unit"
May, Ningbo City People’s Government as "Hefeng Award" Industrial Design Competition Best Design Product Award
2016 February, was awarded the "safe production standardization of three enterprises"
In July, was elected as "China Household Electrical Appliances Association" governing units
In September, it was selected as the director unit of "Ningbo Famous Brand Product Promotion Association"
In November, won the title of "National High-tech Enterprise"
In December, won the "intellectual property standards enterprises" title
2015 March, China Quality Inspection Association Water Purification Equipment Committee members
In May, won the Best Product Design Award in the 7th Cixi Cup Industrial Design Competition
June, by the National Health Industry Association, the fourth council as a member unit
In July, was selected by China Organizing Committee of Healthy Drinking Water Project as China’s Healthy Drinking Water Enterprise of 2015
In December, was named "Cixi innovative young Eagle Enterprise"
2014 March, Beijing, China Association for Quality Inspection Water Purification Equipment Committee was established, was appointed as governing units
June, Cixi, Zhejiang Water Purification Equipment Association was established, was appointed director unit
2013 In January, with Ningbo Institute of Technology joint production and research cooperation
April, Engineering Center established
May, Cixi City, a major public relations project
In June, it successfully applied for 28 patents
In October, it was checked by Cixi Technology Bureau as Cixi Longwei Water Purifier Engineering Technology Center
In November, was named Cixi City brand-name products
In December, Ningbo City People’s Government as "Best Design Product Award"
2012 January, Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing was named "China’s top ten potential brands"
March, won three national invention patents
In April, it jointly developed a military water purifier project with Chinese Armed Police Force
May, access to two water purification product line sanitation wading documents
In December, the annual capacity of 600,000 units of water purifiers
2011 May, access to "China Membrane Industry Association" member units
In August, obtained the "Product Quality Assured by China Ping An Property Insurance"
September, Cixi City, with the Chamber of Commerce governing units
In October, the company received 13 "real new patents" and 6 "patent appearances."
In December, the annual production capacity of over 400,000 units
2010 January, Zhejiang Province, green focus on the promotion of enterprises
February, China’s water purification industry water purifier production base
March, access to "quality supervision, inspection and quarantine health permit"
In June, the company received 5 "utility model patents" and "appearance patent application" 8 items
In October, once again passed the national mandatory "CCC" certification
In December, won the "household and similar use ultrafiltration water purifier," the deputy head of the drafting unit
In December, won the "reverse osmosis household and similar Purification Water Purifier" drafting unit
2009 January, by the Chinese people (private) business economics research water purification industry committee as a member unit
May, by the Chinese brand survey statistics center as "China Famous Brand"
In October, by Chinese enterprises international development brand will be named "China famous brand"
In December, Zhejiang Province won the quality service reputation "AAA" level units
2008 In January, the development of the domestic market, and the first success, and access to the Ministry of Health issued a "wading" approval document
March, through the German "GS" certification
June, through the EU "CB" certification
August, was approved by the State Bureau of Health and epidemic prevention as "nutrition and health association" member units
In October, passed China’s mandatory "CCC" certification
In October, Cixi City was awarded the "growth potential type" enterprises
2007 In January, passed ISO9001 Quality Management System certification
March, through the EU "CE" certification
In April, passed the EU environmental protection "RoHS" certification
May, through the Saudi Arabia "SASO" certification
In June, passed the "SONCAP" certification in Nigeria
August, won the "International Business Council" member units
October, annual production capacity of 100,000 units,
In November, it obtained 4 national utility model patents and 4 appearance patents
2006 January, Cixi Longwei Electric Co., Ltd. was formally incorporated, the town leaders personally cut the ribbon for the company and formally operate the production
In February, access to self-import and export trade rights
In August, a production capacity of 40,000 units
In November, was named "Ningbo City, Jiangxi Economic Promotion Association" governing units

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