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    Lonwe focus on Water More than ten years


       Mr. He Shui-bing, China's water purification industry senior professional managers and industrialists, Ningbo Long Wei Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager. The following is why the general manager of marine mariner in 2010, China's water appliances marketing trends Forum:
       Not long ago, at the Davos World Economic Forum, the top five priorities for sustainable development agreed by all parties were to put water at the top and energy at the second place. From a social perspective, 20 The century is the oil industry, the 21st century is the aquaculture industry; from a marketing point of view, people need water every day, there is a demand market. Not only governments are concerned about water, scientists are concerned about water, and consumers are paying more and more attention to water. At present, the best source of water in the world is ice spring water. However, the tap water that people drink everyday has a certain market due to the secondary pollution and the existence of some unsafe substances in the process of pipe quality water supply and bottled water and water purifiers. However, due to the existing toll and engineering limitations, the existing "sub-quality pipeline water supply" can not be widely popularized. In addition, the use of more bottled water by modern families is not controlled due to secondary pollution and price problems, and the quality of drinking water can not be controlled gradually Was abandoned by people. Tap water can be deep processing, self-made drinking "water purification equipment" has gradually become the darling of the drinking water industry, experts predict that China's water appliances market has hundreds of billions of development prospects.
       Based on this, I have always had a dream to build a Yangtze River Delta in Cixi, the largest and most powerful water appliances, such an enterprise, in my opinion, should have at least four basic conditions - first, leading technology; Secondly, the brand has influence; thirdly, the product category is fully covered; fourthly, the market is balanced development. With this dream, Long Wei indifferent focus on the water appliances industry, but also precisely because of this dream, I have the opportunity today with all of you - China's water appliances industry's elite gather themselves together, vertical water appliances industry marketing trends And our development opportunities.
       As far as the core technologies of water appliances are concerned, we can confidently say that Long Wei initially achieved the goal of world-leading level. At present, the global water appliances technology development, roughly showing the two major directions of energy saving and health. This trend reflects the double focus on nature and human nature of the water appliance industry, and reverse osmosis technology, reverse osmosis sterilization technology, filter replacement technology, etc. have accordingly become the four major directions of water appliances industry technology representatives and development engine, Long Wei's anti Infiltration technology, reverse osmosis scale, reverse osmosis sterilization technology, filter replacement technology has reached the industry-leading technology, our products have settled in 40 countries and regions in the world.
       From an annual output of 10,000 units to 500,000 units, Long Wei only took four years, in the course of four years of operation, Long Wei take the international route. In participating in the competition in the international market, we deeply understand the truth of "Quality Determines Survival", so Longwei strictly implements the national, industry related design, manufacture, installation and acceptance standards and processes such as purchasing, manufacturing, construction and after-sales service Conduct full monitoring. It is this four years of sharpening, only Longwei water appliances with sophisticated international quality. The company has won the China Water Purification Industry Committee executive member units, Cixi City, home appliances business unit members, well-known Chinese brands, well-known brands in China and a series of honors, while China's water purification industry water purifier production base, water purifier standards Drafting team leader unit.
       The global financial crisis, China failed to escape. The just past 2009 is an extraordinary year. With the joint efforts of all of us, we have overcome a series of unfavorable factors and realized 80% growth of water appliances. Our high-end products - reverse osmosis water purifier, leading technology, health and energy saving, can be described as accurate positioning, rapid growth in more than six months, sales of more than 100,000 units, a high-end product marketing classic case. The achievements of these achievements are inseparable from the long-term and vigorous support from our friends. Here, I would like once again to express my heart-felt gratitude to all of you.
       Friends, we are in an era full of opportunities and challenges. After the global financial crisis, new international competition is now taking place. Another round of global industry consolidation wave will stir China's water appliance industry. In such an era, competition, cooperation and win-win situation will be the eternal theme. Over the past few years, the development of Longwei can not be separated from the cooperation and support of everyone. I hope and believe that the further development of Longwei will certainly provide more opportunities for development. In the future, we will continue to use advanced technology to produce better products, with the international and domestic markets go hand in hand large-scale to ensure the competitiveness of the price, we must give everyone the most competitive products to win with the international and domestic The best product competition. We will unswervingly move toward the goal of building the world's leading water appliances company.




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